Quality Developmental Childcare where Parents have a choice, Locations In Lee's Summit and Blue Springs Missouri


...you know, the little guys and gals!


"Our Kids" are unique and have their own unique needs. You provide specialized instructions for your child so that we are able to care for your child in the same manner you would care for them at home.

Each child's nap, feedings and playtime are individualized according to their own needs. This will create a smooth transition from home to school.

At Kidding Around, we know how important it is that you know the details of your child's day. At the end of each day, you will receive a daily written report that will "fill you in" on the events of your child's day to ensure that even when you are away, you don't miss a thing!

image of baby bottle for infant classes
colorful and clean image of infant class at Kidding Around 1 in Lee's Summit

Our warm, loving teachers provide a calm yet exciting environment that helps each child learn, play and grow each at their own pace. All types of toys, games, music and personal interactions will provide the stimulation not only for physical development but also in social, emotional and language development.

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