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“At Kidding Around, you are always greeted with a smile from teachers who love children. Parents can have full confidence that their children will grow and learn in a safe and engaging environment. The teachers at Kidding Around provide excellent care based on their own personal experience while respecting the specific needs and schedules of each child!”


                                                                  — Scott and Kristy Robidoux

“I was fortunate enough to be able to stay at home for 2 ½ years after I had my third child.  But when the opportunity arose for me to return to my previous position, finding a place for him to go while I was at work was my number one priority.  My 2 older children were in school so I knew they would be in good hands during the day, but having had them in daycare when they were younger I knew how important it was to find a safe, loving, educational environment for my son to be.


When I started exploring my options, I came across Kidding Around (they opened in Blue Springs right around the time I’d had my son, but since I wasn’t looking around at that time I didn’t need to look into it any further). I called and talked with Jenn, asked her “several” questions, and set up an appointment for a tour.  From the moment I walked in the door, I had a feeling of comfort and easiness.  The building and classroom set up was ideal for what I was looking for and the kids and staff all seemed happy and relaxed.  Needless to say, I took the paperwork home and got him enrolled as soon as I could to make sure that he had a spot.


We have been at Kidding Around for almost a year, and couldn’t be happier!  I drop him off each morning knowing that he is well taken care of by each and every staff member.  I know that while he is there, he is loved, safe, and learning skills that are not only important for school success, but also for life success (how to be a good friend, learning to be part of a group and waiting his turn, learning that there are other adults that will be in charge of him and care for him, feeling safe while we are away).  I also know that he is happy because when I go to drop him off in the morning he will often say “Yeah School” as we turn the corner and when we enter the classroom his friends and teachers all greet him with a “Good morning, Henry,” as he goes over and sits at the table to have breakfast, giving me a very relaxed and “have a good day” kiss as I leave for the day.


I have had some amazing experiences and some that were particularly unpleasant and unsettling when my girls were in daycare.  My experiences with Kidding Around have been right up there at the top and I would recommend them to anyone!!”


                                                                  — Beth Splichal

“As a former preschool teacher, it was very difficult for me to choose a childcare center for my two-year-old daughter. I toured the highest-rated childcare centers and preschools in the area, including two recommended by friends. I found these other centers to either be overstimulating, or too confining. It was when I toured the Blue Springs Kidding Around that I finally felt hopeful. I toured the spacious, clean, sunlit building that made our family feel welcome and comfortable and watched the teachers calmly and gently cover tiny two-year-old heads as they nestled down for naps. I viewed the staff interactions with the children in the preschool classroom who were politely sitting and having lunch. I saw a bright future for my daughter at Kidding Around, and when I went back for a second visit she played in the classroom with no inhibitions. All of the teachers at Kidding Around Blue Springs have been welcoming at drop off in the early morning, and patient in the evening when I pick up after work. They greet my daughter by her name with a smile when they see her; and if she clings to me, her teachers lovingly comfort her as I walk out the door. As parents, we can be successful and confident at work knowing that our child is learning and growing happily in a safe environment.”


                                                                  — Karin King

“Kidding Around has been great for our kids! Finding childcare can be a stressful and scary experience, but Kidding Around made it an easy and great choice. Our 4 year old has been there since he was a baby, and it's been amazing watching his growth. He tells us daily what he learned and how much fun he had. Now, we are enjoying getting to watch the same excitement and growth in our one year old. The teachers there seem to love their job and the kids they teach. Kidding Around has provided us with the perfect childcare for our kids and we couldn't be happier!”


                                                                  — John and Amy Wiebold

“Kidding Around 2 has been an amazing daycare for our family. Our daughter has been going for over a year and she loves it. She's been able to make good friends, and she loves her teachers, too. She's always so excited to bring home the crafts and projects that she's made.


The staff has been absolutely wonderful. They make us feel like our daughter is truly special. You can tell that they spend a lot of time planning crafts and activities for the kids to do. And they're so kind and encouraging on those days when our daughter decides she wants to stay with mommy or daddy.


And we can't say enough wonderful things about Heather, the director. She's so kind and does a great job keeping us informed about activities, and works with us when something unexpected comes up in our schedules.


All in all, I can't say enough great things about Kidding Around 2!”


                                                                  — Kristen Hendrich

Colorful Image of toddler class at Kidding around Blue Springs, Serving Kansas City and Independence

“In 2007, I, as a new mom was faced with having to find childcare in Lees Summit. After visiting many options, I was referred to Kidding Around by a family friend. Upon touring, I knew Kidding Around was the place for our family. I was able to enroll and begin as soon as we needed care. We were immediately greeted and welcomed by warm, professional teachers. I always was reminded to call or come by and visit whenever my schedule allowed. Kidding Around is a place where I felt I was always able to have my specific requests met however crazy they may have seemed for those who care for many children every day-this was my first and only child at that time. Since then, I have my second child now enrolled with Kidding Around and couldn’t be happier.  My first child is now in 1st grade and teachers continue to compliment me on how well my child does every day. Thanks to Kidding Around!!!!”


                                                                  — Parent of a Thriving Three Year Old

“I love walking in to work every morning to be greeted by a group of excited kids! Their little smiles light up the classroom and their hands are busy with learning!"


                                                                  — Preschool Teacher

“My son absolutely loves his teachers and the other kids in his class at Kidding Around.  He can’t stop talking about either of them. The staff is very aware of the triumphs he makes every day and makes him, myself, and his mommy very proud.”


                                                                  — Parent of a 2 Year Old

“I would like to express what a great experience Kidding Around has been for our family and for our daughter. She is always happy when I drop her off in the morning. I’m thankful she has so many wonderful teachers and helpers. She learns something new every day and loves craft time, playing outside, and all of her friends and teachers.  Thanks to all of you for your kind and caring hearts.”


                                                                  — Parent of a 1 Year Old

“The Summer of 2012 at Kidding Around was more than I ever expected for my school age son. I was expecting the typical summer trips that all the school age programs visit. Instead for only $99 a week they visited the Federal Reserve, the brand new Crown Center Aquarium, the Kaufmann Stadium, and even the Peace Pavillion to visit all the butterflies. Amongst all the trips, there was tons of continued learning-reading, science experiments, talent shows and much more. Kidding Around Kids Camp-See you next year! We’ll be back!!”


                                                                  — Parent of a 2nd Grade Child

“Kidding Around of Blue Springs opened just in time! I gave birth to my bundle of joy in late 2011. I couldn’t bear the thought of anyone caring for my baby girl but me so I procrastinated and didn’t pursue childcare until it was time for me to return to work.  Kidding Around was the only option I even considered. The professionalism, the care, and the cleanliness of the school is incredible! You can walk in the doors and see the fun and learning that happens all day while I am at work.”


                                                                  — Parent of an Infant

I have worked at Kidding Around for almost 3 years and I have worked with all the ages in every room. All the teachers truly care about helping the kids learn and to be the best they can be. The kids really have the freedom to use their imaginations when they play and the curriculum that's used is always fun and made to be entertaining and educational all at the same time! I have a son in a one year old room and he has such a good time. He does an art project almost everyday, gets to dance to music and sing songs — all things he loves to do and gets so excited. They do a circle time where they learn their colors, shapes, numbers, etc. As a mom and a teacher at Kidding Around, I am very happy with the care my son receives and happy to say I am part of the staff.


                                                                  — Teacher Sarah Davis

Kidding Around is a great place to work! I love working for a company where I not only know the owners but see them on a regular basis! I enjoy coming to work everyday and seeing all my coworkers! I also love my classroom! Teaching 2's is a fun and challenging job! Walking into my classroom each and every day and seeing all the kids puts a smile on my face!


                                                                  — Teacher Annie Williams

I wish there was a center like this when my children were in childcare. The classrooms are clean and organized. The staff are friendly and are always helpful, and ready to answer any question that a parent has.


                                                                  — Teacher Brooke

I have been in the childcare profession for almost 21 years. In those 21 years I have worked for companies such as La Petite, Kindercare and the school district. I am currently employed at Kidding Around Child Development Center. I have been here for 3 years. I LOVE IT! I could not get the warm, caring feeling in those big chain corporations like I do at Kidding Around. At Kidding Around they are so friendly and make you feel welcomed and appreciated. I work with some of the most amazing teachers and we have so much fun doing our job and teaching kids. I love the freedom in the curriculum; its allows me to be as creative as i want, unlike the big corporation childcare centers. Kidding Around Childcare Development Center is a great place to work.


                                                                  — Pre-School Teacher

My name is Sherri Bockover, I work in the infant room at Kidding Around #1. I had a in-home daycare for 20 years and then Nannied for two different families until I was diagosed with breast cancer in 2010. After being off work for 18 months while receiving my treatments, I was ready to get back to work and out of the house. Althought I had no ''CENTER" experience, Kidding Around took a chance on me and welcomed me into the Kidding Around family. I have never met a more compassionate, funloving group of people and feel very blessed to have found a company that makes work feel like home. Thanks so much to the Owners, Directors, Staff and Parents at Kidding Around for allowing me to do what I love most!


                                                                  — Infant Teacher


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